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Partners of the suppliers in the automotive industry


Galion Solutions was founded in 1985. It originated from the wish of automotive suppliers to dispose of a standardized management software (ERP) that would meet the specific requirements of the automotive industry.

Galion Solutions has an over-30-year-old experience. Numerous customers take part in the changes of the solution and deploy it all over the world.

Multilingual and multi-site, the software has evolved through time and has become a very complete ERP which offers security and reliability with a perfectly adapted solution

Our missions

Galion Solutions is the publisher, developer and integrator of the Galion collection of control software packages.

Galion Solutions is its clients' partner for the long haul. Our support in the implementation and the use of our solutions is based on practical and time-tested methods. Our staff is dedicated and experienced and it is reflected in our effectiveness.

Our closeness with leading contract givers is a key element for us to perpetually evolve in order for our solutions to respect the newest norms.

Galion Automotive transforms manufacturers’ requirements into operational benefits. Considered as a structuring solution, Galion Automotive takes the industry best practices, including standardized labels and monitoring methods, and applies them to supply and production processes.

The software package offered by Galion Solutions truly helps decision makers to identifiy improvement areas to enhance productivity and performances, thus to improve their competitiveness

GALION Solutions

Notre équipe
Our staff

Considered as a leading editor of software solutions on IBM i-Series, GALION Solutions is strong of its over-30-year experience in the management of automotive outsourcing. Our solution, the software package named GALION Automotive, is deployed in numerous countries, always following a logic of skills transfer in order to ensure the autonomy of our customers

Karine Leclercq, Assistant

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Charged with the responsibility of tracking the indicators of the company, her main task consists in ensuring customers’ satisfaction and in monitoring projects

Hugo Bouqueniaux.jpeg
Hugo Bouqueniaux, Sales Manager

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Exclusively composed of staff dedicated to our operational activity, our team will be in charge of studies, training, assistance and support for all your projects

Charged with the commercial development of the company, every project is an opportunity to develop our expertise and to make sure our customers achieve their business goals under the best possible conditions

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