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The software GALION Automotive is used among the suppliers of the automotive industry but it is able to run in very different industrial areas and in companies of variable size. It covers all the logistics and manufacturing processes in industries such as plastics processing, casting, bar turning, assembly, painting, shaping, electronics, machining, stamping, packaging, forge, moulding, logistics platform.


We are by the side of our customers in 15 countries


« MPG has a complete GALION Automotive ERP. The first setup was in the early 2000s. The software offers an excellent functional coverage.

As a consequence, managing is easier in all departments, we are much more precise in terms of consumption, and management is done with greater care. This product reorganized production and stock management, inter alia. The autonomy of our teams is in constant progress.

The consulting provided by GALION is effective for any kind of problem.

GALION is very « automotive ». It is used by MPG in a SaaS version. The return on investment promptly emerged. Excel tables disappeared. Thoroughness is now a routine. The machine is well-oiled and ready for use. »

Didier CHAPPUIS, IT manager at METALDYNE


« GALION Automotive makes it possible to manage FAVI's key processes. It is used by all departments: management, sales, maintenance, logistics, manufacturing, and accounting.

The software covers all FAVI's specificities, its organization as well as KANBAN flows with suppliers.

We appreciate the constant upgrades of the software and its adaptation capacity. »

François HURTELLE, IT manager at FAVI


« GALION is uniquely deployed on our sites in France, Russia, Slovakia and Spain. We are discussing its setting-up on our next production plant in Portugal...

We do not have a big IT team so we rely on GALION Solutions. The responses are fast and helpful.

GALION is a simple solution with a quick ERP setup. The time gain is each time more obvious and concrete.

The team's reactivity is remarkable, the solution is 100% as standard, we are able to do retrievals on the database as we wish. We benefit from a special development for the accounting interface that can evolve, if needed, depending on the location.

All EDI messages are operational in the integrated translator of the software.

GALION really is an "automotive" ERP. »

David PROUST, financial controller at HOWA TRAMICO


« We use the software in two entities in France and in Romania.

The GALION ERP allows us to respond to the demands and issues of the automotive industry as a SME.

It offers complete management in all business processes and also meets the demands of the leading contract givers. It is a turnkey solution. »


« GALION is known for its seriousness, it has been a reliable service for Clarion for 20 years.
The tool for data input and output is solid. We have never experienced a malfunction.
The EDI was included as soon as it was created. Thanks to the software, Clarion has been able to meet the ever-complexifying requests of its customers. » 

Yves TRABAC, logistics and sales manager at CLARION


« GALION has helped us with a comprehensive ERP since 2013. It completely handles purchases, sales, supplies, despatch, inventory and EDI. The next step will take care of tooling, process control (PCP) and planning. »



« Initially, the software was chosen to cover the requested changes and the specificities of its customers, notably VW (VDA standard), PCA (alternative logistics) and RENAULT (industrial production management, CINDI). However, it is today mainly appreciated for its control over purchase budget and its tracking of purchase requisitions. Our forecasts are more accurate. Before GALION, every purchase was done on paper. Now all purchase requisitions are performed by the software.

About maintenance, we monitor our expenses in real time and react immediately when it becomes too much. We have seen a 30% budgetary improvement! There is full transparency over our expenses since January 2016.

The EDI part is automatically managed up to the deliveries. The tremendous daily amount of data is supported by GALION on our server for France (two plants) and Romania (one plant).

We do not even realise anymore the humongous potential of progress. 

About consulting, we have witnessed the responsiveness and the operating speed of the GALION team, especially in times of peaks of activity, during the setup of additional plug-ins for instance. »

Cédric LANFREY, IT manager at PERNAT 


« The product allows us to apply the good practices of the automotive sector.

GALION'S WMS allowed us to go back to the standards of order preparation. It changed the work method and the organization. GALION was able to adapt to all our work procedures and did so for all our customers. The software standardized work procedures for every brand. In the despatch process, order pickers are guided and each stage of the preparation process is monitored.

The database was created based on GALIA and ODETTE specifications. The GALION software has a very rich and well-structured baseline. For instance, the sofware perfectly presents customer packages with ever-growing details.

We gained in effectiveness, quality of the preparation flows and cost optimization. The requirements of our customers are respected. »

Frédéric DUBOIS, logistics manager at AGRATI


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